Switch to Bioceramic Swatch!

Swatch made a huge stir in the watch market with its new, highly innovative bioproduct. Prepare your wrists for BIOCERAMIC!

Brand New Swatch Bioceramic Watches

Swatch is becoming more and more BIO. This is a trend that is becoming increasingly noticeable among manufacturers and creators of prestige and luxury brands. Lately I have reported about new Gucci sustainable shoes and jewelry. Now, the Swiss giant, which sets the highest standards in the watch industry, is entering the ecological game.

The word BIO first entered the watch industry in September 2020, when Swatch set its sights on a new line created with an eco-friendly spirit and unveiled the 1983 collection, which modernized the iconic first Swatch watches. The new models were manufactured using naturally derived, recyclable materials and the packaging was replaced with new, biodegradable materials – making it ecofriendly.

In April 2021, another innovation was added, BIOCERAMIC, a unique blend of ceramic (2/3 of the formula) and bioplastic of natural origin (1/3 of the formula), made from castor seeds. Durable, elastic and silky in touch.

One of the models from the Swatch BIG BOLD Collection.

It looks best on the BIG BOLD watch model with a large 47mm diameter envelope that allows you to appreciate the design details. This collection is inspired by bold ideas, designed for equally bold people. In addition to the large envelope the model has impressive hands showing exactly where you are going. The watch case and crown are made of BIOCERAMIC, and the glass, strap, and loops are made of bioplastics. You can choose from five colors: classic black and white, gray (Pantone Institute’s color of the year), optimistic sky blue and pastel pink.

The hit of the holiday season will be the more colorful models in the BIG BOLD BIOCERAMIC line, in the following versions: “BLITE” – white with light blue and orange accents, “LIMY” – blue with a touch of gray and lime, “ORACK” – black with orange and white color accents, and “DIVERSIPINK” – pink with gray and blue details.

For those who value equality and stand in solidarity with the LGBT+ community, Swatch offers the “LET’S PARADE” or “RAINBOW IN THE NIGHT” models (see above).

Bioceramics – as mentioned earlier – are a mixture of castor seed oil and traditional zirconium oxide. Such ceramic composite proposals are by no means new. Castor oil is a natural compound derived from plants and has been used in medicine and industry for years. Castor seed oil is used in the production of plastics, which, when combined with ceramics, is what makes up Swatch Bioceramic.

Swatch is probably fascinated by the BIOCERAMIC concept because it involves both the opportunity to promote an exclusive material and to combine the watch experience with a socially laudable topic – environmental care.

Swatch also remembered about more elegant gentlemen. One of the available watches is SBO3B100 C-Black model in all-black tone. Although very classy it has less legible iterations than other models in the collection.

Swatch SBO3B100 C-Black (BIG BOLD)

Let us leave some room for the creators of these marvelous and revolutionary watches. Enjoy their video presentations!

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